Holiday Memories

Kingston Little Lady Stove

Kingston Little Lady Stove

The holidays are an ideal time to collect memories especially those related to the holiday season. I recently sat down with my mother to talk about her Christmases growing up. Mom is 88 years young and has some wonderful memories to share.

We found a description of Mom’s very first Christmas in her baby book. It was lovingly  written by her mother and describes how her parents drove her to Fort Worth to spend Christmas with extended family and what a big impression she made on all the relatives.

Hearing about some of the gifts she received as a little girl and still remembers today was a nice surprise. One of her favorite gifts was a precursor to the Easy Bake Oven. She doesn’t have a picture of hers, but, with a little research, I found a picture of a similar one. It’s the Kingston Little Lady that  manufactured in the 1920s and 30s. It plugged in and really cooked. She said she remembers baking in the oven and can still smell her cake cooking today.

Another of her favorite gifts was a doll with a bob haircut that she called, Patsy. “I really loved that doll. Her hair wasn’t real, but she was really special to me.”

“I remember one year when I was a teenager Mother let me have a party with my friends. The day of the party she bought a beautiful ornament that was much bigger than the others, a beautiful blue color, probably the most expensive ornament Mother ever bought. One of the boys at the party broke that ornament the very first night it was on the tree.  I felt so bad.”

Mom also remembers helping her mother decorate the house for Christmas with garlands and wreaths everywhere. “We usually decorated on Sunday, and then on Monday, while we were at school, Mother would change it all up. She was very particular. She put the icicles on one at a time.”

What Christmas memorChristmas as a child with my brothers and sister.ies can you share? Many families have special traditions they repeat year after year. Do you know how those traditions got started? What Christmas gifts do you remember? I remember a sweater and skirt set that I begged for when I was a teenager. I was so excited when I opened the package and felt so pretty and put together in my new outfit.

Pull out your photographs of Christmases past and see what memories they open up. You can even combine a Christmas picture and a memory to use as your Christmas card for your family members or frame them together and display it during the holidays. Here’s to Happy Holidays and many more happy memories

Christmas as a child with my brothers and sister.

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