My Mother; My Inspiration

papagoldenanniversaryThis is my mother’s grandfather and grandmother. The picture was taken on their 50th wedding anniversary. Mother told me the story of how the chairs they are sitting on were given to them by their children as an anniversary gift. Mother told me how they only had a small family gathering instead of a big anniversary party because a cousin who had celebrated their 50th the year before had died a week later. They were afraid that Grandmother Williams would die if they had a big party. Mother  added that her mother’s family was very superstitious and that led to another story . . .

Now in her 90s, Mother often tells me that she wishes she had paid attention when her grandparents were telling her their stories. Mother, like so many of us, was often too busy living her own stories to take the time to stop and really listen to the stories being told.

Our stories are a reflection of our lives. We can gain peace and self-confidence looking back and seeing how much we’ve accomplished and how much we’ve overcome. Future generations can benefit from the lessons we’ve learned in our lives.

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