My Mother; My Inspiration

papagoldenanniversaryThis is my mother’s grandfather and grandmother. The picture was taken on their 50th wedding anniversary. Mother told me the story of how the chairs they are sitting on were given to them by their children as an anniversary gift. Mother told me how they only had a small family gathering instead of a big anniversary party because a cousin who had celebrated their 50th the year before had died a week later. Continue reading


This past week my brother who is 47 years old flew to Denver from Dallas. It was his first airline flight ever. He was petrified. His philosophy on travel is, “If I can’t drive there, I don’t need to go.” His employer felt otherwise and insisted flying was the only option.

I started working with him a week before the flight driving him out to the airport and describing as best I could all the steps that are involved before even stepping on the airplane. On the day of his flight, I drove him to the airport, went into the terminal and followed along with him until he got to security. Continue reading

Sharing Family Photos

I have a very large extended family, and, as grandparents and parents have passed on, the family photos have also been spread far and near. I’ve been going through some old family photos with my Mom recently trying to find out who the people in the pictures are and how they are related to me.

I’ve also noticed cousins and other family members occasionally posting pictures on Facebook–some I’ve never seen and many I’ve seen before but not in a long time. Continue reading