Holiday Memories

Kingston Little Lady Stove

Kingston Little Lady Stove

The holidays are an ideal time to collect memories especially those related to the holiday season. I recently sat down with my mother to talk about her Christmases growing up. Mom is 88 years young and has some wonderful memories to share.

We found a description of Mom’s very first Christmas in her baby book. It was lovingly  written by her mother and describes how her parents drove her to Fort Worth to spend Christmas with extended family and what a big impression she made on all the relatives. Continue reading

Halloween Memories

Tacky Party

Area stores have had their Halloween decorations out for more than a month now, but the ghoulish holiday is finally upon us. I loved dressing up and trick or treating as a child. I can remember being a ballerina several years in a row. Growing up in Texas, we usually had fairly mild weather on Halloween, but one year it turned very cold. That year the ballerina was covered up in a heavy coat. Continue reading