Interviewing and Audio Recordings

The prospect of being interviewed can seem intimidating, but for our purposes it’s more of a conversation than an interview. It’s your life, and you are the expert. I’ll get you started with a few leading questions, but you’ll soon find that as you reminisce, the stories of your life will come to you begging to be told.Like digging through a trunk of keepsakes, you’ll find more and more memories come to the surface. I often hear clients say, “Why, I hadn’t thought about that in years.” Your children and grandchildren will be delighted to hear those stories you never thought to tell them before.

During the interviews, we might look through photo albums and memorabilia together to jog your memory selecting photographs to scan and memorabilia to photograph for inclusion in your memory book.

Interviews are scheduled for an hour and a half to two hours per session and are conducted in a place (often your own home) where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Each interview will be recorded and made available to you as digital files and/or on archival quality cds. If you decide to have a memory book made, these interviews will be used along with photos, documents and other memorabilia to produce a beautiful keepsake you and your family will treasure.

It all begins with a conversation. Let’s have that conversation now.