The Experiences That Shaped Them

I just got back from the 2012 Association of Personal Historian’s conference in St. Louis where I enjoyed five days of commiserating with fellow personal historians on all facets of collecting and preserving family histories.

There were so many wonderful presentations (too many to comment on here), but one of my favorites was presented on the last day of the conference. Haliday Douglas, a teacher at City Academy in St. Louis, shared with us a documentary that he and his then sixth-grade students produced two years ago. Continue reading

Shared History

Every generation has a significant historical event that defines it. All members of the generation remember where they were and what they were doing when that event occurred. For my generation, the baby boomers, the Kennedy Assassination is one of those pivotal events; for the younger generation, it will probably be September 11th; for older generations, it may be Pearl Harbor.

The 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination in November will conjure up memories of that historical event for all of us over the age of forty. Continue reading

Sharing Family Photos

I have a very large extended family, and, as grandparents and parents have passed on, the family photos have also been spread far and near. I’ve been going through some old family photos with my Mom recently trying to find out who the people in the pictures are and how they are related to me.

I’ve also noticed cousins and other family members occasionally posting pictures on Facebook–some I’ve never seen and many I’ve seen before but not in a long time. Continue reading